Ode to Hashtags – From Marketers with #Love

Msg2Mkt Marketing Agency Looks at Hashtag UseHashtags are fundamental tools for marketing with social media. Strategic and proper use of them is helpful in getting the right eyeballs on your posts. For example, I employed a hashtag strategy to start and organically grow a targeted audience for my @TileTuesday Instagram account. Click over to the account, and you’ll find that I faithfully use a cloud of hashtags on every post. That’s what’s attracted the attention of the tile and interior design industry professionals, as well as the design lovers–just the audience segments I was hoping to capture.

Irene Williams is a hashtag nerdThough I’m undoubtedly a hashtag nerd these days, I was a skeptic at first.  When the “#” really took off on Twitter, I quietly lamented social media’s bastardization of the pound and/or number sign (I know, such odd devotion to the octothorpe!). However, I listened this story about the symbol’s history (click here or at right to access the podcast),  and it reminded me that language–including written symbols–is perpetually evolving. And probably most compelling of all, I learned through experience that hashtags are very effective in connecting with audiences and making social posts more successful.


In a new column for Floor Trends Magazine, I share current tips on using hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Even if you’re actively using hashtags across all your social platforms, you may want to read this article to be sure you’re employing the latest best practices.

If you need assistance in developing a social media marketing strategy for your biz, reach out to me/my company anytime; I’d love to connect!

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