Msg2Mkt LLC gives your brand a voice in the digital social mobile marketplace

Msg2Mkt is a full-service marketing and public relations firm. We help our clients define their brands, develop effective marketing and communication strategies, and connect with customers through creative online (and off-line) campaigns, social media programs, and PR representation.

We’re unique in ways that bring added benefit to our clients.

✦  A Virtual Agency: We assemble the right account service teams to meet the specific needs of our clients. This structure allows us to run a tight ship yet bring together the best talent for every scenario.

✦  Right Brain-Left Brain Approach: We balance strategy and creativity so that everything we do for our clients has purpose. We only implement ideas that help our clients build their brands and sell more stuff.

✦  “In Your Shoes” Perspective: We’re business people, too, so we understand you have to get buy-in for marketing/PR campaigns and justify dollars spent. This perspective helps us be a transparent partner to our clients.

✦  Nimble Now, Strong Long Term: Whether a client has a project or is looking for ongoing marketing support, we’re structured to be responsive. We know how to meet immediate needs that can lead to lasting opportunities.

✦  Traditional Roots, Vast Experience: Though our agency is born of the digital era, our leadership has experience that goes well beyond the days of tweets, posts, and emojis. We have years of success in marketing and PR across industries.

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