Meet Irene Williams Founder and CEO of Msg2Mkt

About Irene Williams Founder and CEO of Msg2MktHi! I’m Irene Williams, Founder and CEO of Msg2Mkt. I started this business as a freelancer back in 2009. Coming from an established, nearly 20-year career as a PR and creative leader in the agency world, I first focused on providing services I could manage on my own: marketing communications consulting, copywriting (LOTS of copywriting!), creative projects, and social media program implementation. 

Quickly⎯and blessedly, my freelance work proved successful, and my opportunities with clients naturally grew. My market clearly, consistently sent me the message that it wanted more and more services: public relations, full marketing and social media programs, email and content marketing, video production, event planning, branding, website creation. To answer increased demands, I began assembling account teams and bringing in partners to take my capabilities to the next level. I started speaking in terms of “we” instead of just “me” as I committed to bringing clients full-team, professional support. That’s how Msg2Mkt was formed.

If you’d like to learn more about my career history, let’s connect on LinkedIn. Also, you’re welcome to email me anytime. I look forward to connecting soon!

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