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The Message to Marketers blog is targeted to top level executives who are responsible for marketing, PR, and social media strategies for their companies and who make decisions regarding the hiring of outsourced resources to take their branding and messages further in today’s digital | social | mobile marketplace.


Ode to Hashtags – From Marketers with #Love

Hashtags are fundamental tools for marketing with social media. Strategic and proper use of them is helpful in getting the right eyeballs on your posts. For example, I employed a hashtag strategy to start and organically grow a targeted audience for my @TileTuesday Instagram account. Click over to the account, and you’ll find that I … Read more

Is Houzz a Good Home to Support Marketing Efforts for Your Retail Showroom or Design Business?

If you’re in the business of selling stuff to or providing services for people who own homes, you’re likely familiar with Houzz. Houzz is a social network and self-contained search engine created specifically to connect homeowners with professionals and product purveyors who can help make dream homes realities. In less than 6 years in existence, … Read more

Intro to Instagram :: The Msg2Mkt “Small Biz Big Time” Series

  “Not another one?!?” This is what I thought many moons ago, when Instagram showed up on the social media landscape. My company…heck, even my career…is largely based on the management of social media marketing for business. I get paid to do this stuff, yet already feeling burdened by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging, et al.,  … Read more

Three Reasons I Hate Blog Posts with Numbered Lists (Plus One Reason I Don’t)

In the world of content marketing, blogging is a cornerstone. Search engines favor fresh website content, and that means businesses can benefit by producing steady streams of blog posts on their websites. Original, newly posted content that is relevant to targeted audiences can result in better search engine rankings, presumably meaning businesses have greater likelihood … Read more

Yes, You Need a PR Firm for Your Business – Here’s Why

On occasion, I write feature articles for a popular lifestyle blog. Busy as I am running an agency, I find value in writing these features because it puts me back in the position of the reporter and reminds me of the toils of those in “the media.” Inevitably, I’m affirmed regarding the value that the … Read more

One Way to Make Twitter Valuable to Your Brand

Still perplexed by Twitter? I’ve been there, but my “been there” was long ago. Once I learned one way to make Twitter valuable to my business and the businesses of my clients, I no longer wondered what everyone was tweeting about; I got it. So what’s the one way to make Twitter count? LISTEN. Rather … Read more