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Is Houzz a Good Home to Support Marketing Efforts for Your Retail Showroom or Design Business?

Screenshot 2016-02-18 13.24.23If you’re in the business of selling stuff to or providing services for people who own homes, you’re likely familiar with Houzz. Houzz is a social network and self-contained search engine created specifically to connect homeowners with professionals and product purveyors who can help make dream homes realities.

In less than 6 years in existence, this site has grown to attract more than 30 million unique users monthly and over 700,000 professionals who are there to answer those unique users’ needs. The stats are utterly compelling; the data supports that Houzz is capturing the attention and ongoing engagement of homeowners who are in varying stages of home improvement projects. If you are selling into this market, you should seek knowledge and make an educated decision about including Houzz in your online marketing strategy–or not.*

I recently led a webinar for my client Crossville’s retailer network to offer an objective look at Houzz as a marketing platform and provide essential How To information about creating and maintaining an effective professional profile. This session is a ‘Houzz 101’ of sorts, though it also offers some insights that could be helpful to more experienced site users. And all of it is presented with objectivity and understanding that Houzz is just one of many digital – social – mobile resources for your biz and brand to connect with the marketplace.

Are you interested in hearing the webinar recording or accessing the accompanying PDF? I invite you to complete this very brief contact form, and I’ll share the links promptly.

Irene of Msg2Mkt certified Houzz marketing proOf course, I’m here and happy to help you incorporate Houzz and the full array of digital – social – mobile tools so that your brand effectively connects with people ready to make purchasing decisions. Drop me a line here if you want to get a conversation started.

I hope you send your questions my way. I want to have earned my good ol’ Houzz marketing pro certification for good reason and put it to practical use!


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* That’s right, I said “or not,” as there may be reasons you deem this site to be less than a perfect fit for your brand or biz. Reach out to me directly if you’d like an assessment of what’s right for your goals and needs.