The Msg2Mkt Audit & Action Plan: Smart, Affordable for Your Biz

The Msg2Mkt Audit & Action Plan is a practical, tactical, and actionable solution to help you and your teams work smarter, not harder, when it comes to all your digital marketing, social media, and PR efforts.

Why an “audit & action Plan”?

We find many businesses would like to benefit from the services we provide yet can’t make the monthly investment for ongoing, outsourced support. We developed the Msg2Mkt Audit & Action Plan as a ‘right-sized’ solution that provides usable intelligence and specific recommendations so that businesses can set an effective course of action for the digital marketing programs.

How It Works
  • First, we dive in with The Discovery Phase to get to know your business and goals. That happens through a Q&A and a scheduled conversation with your team. Should you seek even deeper market analysis, we can include a market survey or focus group component at an additional charge.
  • Then, we conduct a review of your existing website, social media, PR, and content and email marketing efforts to assess how well you’re currently reaching key audiences and identify areas of opportunity that will move you closer to your goals. For new businesses or those who have not yet ventured into digital marketing at all, we focus on competitive analysis and a review of your brand positioning and business strategy in order to illuminate really useful insights and data.
  • Next⎯and most importantly, we give you a full report that works as a road map⎯complete with real-life “what to do next” items⎯to help you alter and enhance (or start) your marketing programs to better attain your core objectives (e.g. – to sell more stuff!). We connect for a wrap-up conversation to talk you through all our findings and recommendations and answer any questions.
  • Beyond the core Audit & Action Plan, we can arrange follow up sessions as needed or on a regular basis to help you keep your program on course. Also, we can provide training to your team members to help you implement your plan from within.
Who’s right for The Msg2Mkt Audit & Action Plan?

We created the audit and action plan specifically to help small- to medium-sized businesses that…

  •  manage marketing efforts internally but don’t have a designated marketing leader on staff
  • struggle to manage ongoing social media and content marketing efforts due to lack of staff, time constraints, and/or the struggle to find content
  • are new to the marketplace and seeking to establish their brands and build great marketing foundations from the very beginning⎯yet must be budget-conscious
  • tried social media, email, and content marketing in the past but abandoned the efforts entirely and are now ready to get back in the game.
What can you expect from a Msg2Mkt Audit & Action Plan?

We’ve already mentioned that this solution is “practical, tactical, and actionable,” but that bears repeating. We’re focused on providing you with really meaningful data that makes sense and tells you what you need to know (no digital marketing expertise required on your part!) and a plan of action that is actually implementable. In the materials and direct guidance we provide, we keep things realistic, in alignment with your priorities, and always pointing toward your business goals.

The Discovery Phase: You’ll likely begin to gain perspective by completing our Audit Q&A and participating in our discovery conversation. Though the intention is to inform us about you, you’ll be compelled to better define your brand, your biz strategy, and your goals. After we complete this phase, we’ll include the knowledge we gain into your full report.

The Audit Report: Our comprehensive review of your business’ digital marketing/online presence will provide insights on

  • your company and the unique things we learned during the discovery phase,
  • your website (search engine ranking, site performance, design, mobile-friendliness, and more),
  • social media reach (how your biz shows up and connects with followers on all social channels),
  • your content and email marketing status, 
  • market perception through PR/third-party coverage, and
  • a competitive review to see how your business ranks in context with other similar options in the marketplace.

This full range of data illuminates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your digital marketing efforts and serves as the foundation for our action plan.

We can also conduct a market survey and/or geo-targeted focus group to supplement our research for additional charges.

✦  The Action Plan: We use all that we learn for the Audit Report in the creation of your Action Plan. This practical plan gives lots of specifics that will guide you to go forward and tackle a range of key must-do items:

  • refine your key brand messages and unique selling propositions,
  • identify your key performance indicators and the top metrics that will help you gauge success for your efforts in the long term,
  • update your website for SEO, lead capture, user experience, and mobile-friendliness,
  • revamp your approach to social media to best reach the right audiences,
  • integrate content and email marketing into your program,
  • more effectively merge your in-store/in-person sales with your online marketing,
  • incorporate tools and best practices that will make your digital marketing efforts more simple to manage,
  • include PR and media relations in your overall strategy to gain positive, third party coverage,
  • prioritize to maximize efforts, and
  • establish daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tactics to keep your program going strong.

✦  The Wrap-Up: Once the audit and action plan are complete, we’ll reconvene with you and your team to talk through all the details and answer any questions you have. The wrap-up is a combination of a presentation and a conversation, important in closing the loop and putting you and your team on the launching pad.

Should you need further support after the plan is in your hand, we can arrange for training, quick consultations, and follow up sessions with whatever regularity is required⎯at additional charges.

What does this cost?

We charge a set project fee for the Msg2Mkt Audit & Action Plan. Considering the depth of data and completeness of the audit and action plans, the solution is a great value for and reasonable investment in your business. The merit of this plan comes not only in how it can  position you to grow your business; it will help you avoid fruitless efforts that would cost you precious time yet offer low or no results. Contact us today for all details.

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